Best Ideas To Make Your Own Cup of Coffee

The coffee addiction is real because even the word coffee makes millions of food and pastries damansara people happy, literally happy, imagine giving them a cup of a strongly brewed hot cup of coffee from the cafe in damansara? Definitely, they will be on top of the world and that is why the hike of the price doesn’t seem to be an issue to any of the coffee lovers. Another thing is that the mindset that expensive coffee usually comes with high-end quality. In this article, I suggest some of the ideas for you to make your own cup of coffee while saving the cost of purchasing overpriced coffee. By reading this article, you, coffee lovers will become a coffee expert in no time.


First and foremost, you, coffeephiles have to get your own coffee maker that could make a quality coffee for you, addicts. By getting your own machine, you are investing it for a lifetime and just imagine how much you could save from this. You can make your own coffee for breakfast and tea time and you don’t have to purchase any of the overpriced coffee anymore. Maybe you might want to do so whenever you are meeting with your BFF during the weekends.

Now, you got your coffee machine, the next thing you have to do is purchasing good quality coffee beans. It is an important part of making coffee and without organic high-quality coffee beans, you will not get a flavourful coffee. Another thing is to grind the coffee beans as much as you want per day and don’t overdo it because freshly ground coffee beans make the best coffee. However, if you have crushed extra then you can store them, but you have to do it properly using a clean dry airtight jar otherwise it could become mold.

The last thing is the water, that makes the coffee taste better. In order to make a tasteful coffee, use bottled water because of the quality is good whereas if you tap water, it will ruin the taste of the coffee because of the filtration of tap water was not efficient, hence the coffee will be runny and bitter instead of rich and creamy.

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